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Debrief from DR

Well after a week of getting back into the swing of things and getting over a sickness that hit me at baggage claim in Boston I am ready to let you know the things that I am digesting since my return.

First, the wins:  We fit 183 wheelchairs!!!  Wow!  I still have a hard time believing all that was accomplished!  I personally had my hands on almost 40 of those chairs which was an incredible experience.  We saw people be mobile for the first time, walk for the first time (still gives me chills to picture some of these families!). 

Second, there were 30 communication boards distributed!  This was aweseome!  To see people be able to communicate with their parents or caregivers for the first time about the simplest of things was breathtaking to watch.  Such joy! 

Third, we saw 143 salvations!!!  Yea!  143 people that we will be celebrating with in Eternity! 

So, I was a part of a team, that was used by God, to give the gift of mobility, communication, and Eternity.  It was an amazing 8 days. 

Thank you for your prayer support!  It was needed and definitely felt!  I look forward to sharing pictures and more of my experience in the future as I continue to digest all that God taught me that week.