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Monday Morning Reflections

What a day!  Another great day of worship @ SouthCoast!  We got back to Colossians and walking through that book through Easter.  The worship team rocked it out and our volunteers were awesome! 

Here are some things that I am excited about and want to share:

  • Week 2 of our Children's check-in seemed to go seemlessly.  So pumped about what God is doing in and through our kids ministry!  Our volunteers are rocking it out in there!  Bria (my daughter) gave me a full rundown of the lesson yesterday and I was blown away.  They are doing a prayer series and she is learning how to pray for forgiveness and she talked about how she needed to forgive her sister and it was awesome.  I love this!!! 
  • Easter is coming and we have some things planned that I just can't wait for.  We are having a Good Friday service on Friday night, Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, and then Easter Sunday service!  I can't wait for that weekend!  #celebrateJesus
  • Our Deacon Family Ministry is running.  For years we have been getting to this point with our Deacons and it is great to see them doing what God has called them to do and serve our church!  Remember church that the body is most effective when the body is ministering to the body! 
  • Our Finance team has been putting in some important hours (treasurer too!) and they are doing a great job!  I am so thankful for the leadership and accountability that they bring!  God is so good!
  • Love the new songs we are learning!  Great job worship team!
  • Thank you to the cleaning team!  You guys are doing awesome!
  • In case you haven't noticed our leaders and volunteers are knocking it out of the park these days and I believe God is blessing it!  We are seeing new people every week and THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Let's not stand still SouthCoast!  Keep running!  If you are reading this then I am praying for your week!