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New Vision

Hello Summit family!


We sit here ready for Christmas with a new sense of excitement about what God is doing in His church. One of the biggest things we want to celebrate is a consulting process we recently finished. Tom Thompson came up from Alabama to help us chart a new course for Summit in the years ahead. What a time we had! In the process, Tom met with 61 people across different demographics that comprise the diversity of our church family.

               From that process came a new vision statement; a new standard that we want to hold ourselves to. This vision is the product of hours of prayer and discussion as people within Summit sought God’s will for the future.

Summit Community Church will glorify God and advance God’s kingdom by making disciples of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.


First and foremost, our purpose is to glorify God. Without that we have nothing. Concurrent with that is our passion to advance God’s kingdom. We don’t want a church just for ourselves. We must exist for the people who don’t yet know Jesus. We will carry this out through discipleship. And finally, we only want to do things through the power of the Holy Spirit. If we can accomplish our vision by our own strength, it’s not a big enough vision.

               Pray with us as we continue on the journey which God has blessed us to travel.