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Small Group - Week 2

Hey everyone! We’ve been having such an amazing time in small groups that I wanted to share some insights from last week. We went through chapter 2 of The Cure and looked at the two faces we wear as Christians. Travis showed this video in his small group about how we deal with guilt and shame.

 The idea here is that when we feel guilt and shame we want to put on a mask to hide who we truly are. But while that mask prevents us from getting hurt, it does something else – we prevent ourselves from feeling genuine love.


We also saw how we put on a mask because we want to convince others that we are doing “just fine”. When we pass people in the hall at work or at church, they ask how we are doing. We reply, “I’m doing fine, how are you?” This is all we give time for. So many of our relationships today are just hallway relationships. We don’t commit the time necessary to sit down with someone so they can share how they are really feeling. Someone will not tell us about their marital problems if we only ask how they are doing when we pass them in the hall without even breaking stride.


Questions to ask yourself:

-Are you really doing “just fine”?

-How many people know you – really know you?

-If you want other people to take their mask off, will you treat them lovingly or will you jump at the opportunity to judge?

-Do you see your brothers and sisters in the church as holy and redeemed?

-If you want to take your mask off, do you feel that other people in the church see you as holy and redeemed?


Let’s make our church a place where people throw away their masks on the way through the door because they know they will find love here. “What if there was a place so safe that the worst of me could be known, and I would discover that I would not be loved less but more in the telling of it?”