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Update 2 from the DR!

Ok.  Ready for this?

After 2 days we have seen 85 people and blessed them in some way with mobility.  Now, when I say that, we have done walkers and cut them down to fit a child and have even modified a chair that someone came in with in order that it would fit them better and be more practical.  It is incredible!  We have taken hospital chairs, removed the back, and created a whole new chair to fit a person's need. 

So, 85 patients have come through and been touched with the gift of mobility.  In addition, 19 communication boards have been made in Spanish so that the person with the disability can now communicate with who is caring for them (i.e. parent, or group home).  Not only have we been able to bless with mobility but with communication.  I want you to imagine what it is like coming in to a church facility carrying your son or daughter with no wheelchair and no possible way to communicate with them.  Then I want you to imagine walking out of that same facility with the ability to do both.  Wow! 

Lastly, we have seen 82 people come to faith in Christ in just 2 days!  My station is right next to the evangelism table and it has been beautiful to see people pray to receive Christ here! 

Those are the wins!  We have certainly had tough times and times of heartbreak.  There have been moments of telling myself "Just keep working and look down" knowing that if I stop and look, the emotion would be too much.  Even still, at the end of the day, the emotion seems to win as we attempt to process everything that we saw God do. 

Keep praying for our team.  Today is Wednesday and we will close down at this location at the end of the day and load everything to be taken to another location.  We pack up tonight and head out tomorrow morning to set up 2 hours away for the final 2 days.  Pray for the scratchy throats and the exhaustion.  Pray that He who began a good work would see it to completion! 

Thank you for your prayers!